Steve Bisley – Festival PatronSteve Bisley web

It is such an honour for me to be asked to become the patron of the 7th Annual Heart of Gold Short Film Festival in Gympie, Queensland.

I come from a regional area in New South Wales and I know even before the festival begins in October, what a warm welcome people can expect from the people of Gympie and its surrounds.

Gympie’s festival sits high on the list of the ever growing popularity of regional film festivals throughout Australia and abroad.

It’s programme is always first class and offers a range of local and international short film with such a diverse variety that there is always something for everyone!  It really is a “feel good” festival.  I will be attending the festival in October and look forward to being part of some filmmaking workshops and the chance of meeting both visitors and filmmakers alike.

I urge you to join us in October, to enjoy not only the wonderful hospitality, sights, wines and produce of this spectacular region of south east Queensland, but to experience a feast of cinema, that will delight and enthral, from the very young to the very young at heart.

David Gibson – MP, Member for GympieGYM190314renee2666davidgibson.jpg

The discovery of gold back in 1867 established the Gympie goldfields as a place of optimism, attracting people from around the world as they looked to our region as place to find their fortune with the hope of a better life. Now one hundred and forty seven years later it is the Heart of Gold International Short Film Festival that is establishing Gympie as a place of optimism by attracting people from around the world with a collection of films that share a message of hope, of change and of a brighter future.

These movies do more than just make us laugh or cry, they touch us in such a way that changes the very perspective we have on the world around us. I’ve been fortunate now for many years to experience the very best of what our local, national and international film makers have to offer and I’m yet to be disappointed by the Heart of Gold International Short Film Festival program.

But the Heart of Gold International Short Film Festival is more than just about the films, it also offers an opportunity for the community of Gympie to come together as volunteers in supporting this amazing event and to roll out the red carpet to the visitors with our legendary hospitality in what has to be one of the most diverse parts of Queensland. After you have enjoyed the films take a moment to enjoy the scenic beauty of our region from the Mary Valley to the Cooloola Coast, our historic city centre or our locally grown Gympie Gold produce.

On behalf of our community I welcome you to the seventh Heart of Gold Film International Film Festival. Make sure you enjoy the festival, take time to see our region but more importantly be inspired to embrace life and all the wonders that it offers.

Cr Ron Dyne picCr Ron Dyne – Mayor of Gympie

It is my honour, on behalf of councillors and residents of the Gympie region, to welcome all to the 2014 Heart of Gold International Short Film Festival. This is the seventh year we have been lucky enough to hold the festival and I am pleased to see the invaluable support received from the community to make events such as this possible.

Gympie Regional Council proudly supports this wonderful festival and its positive concept, which inspires the enthusiasm of the community.

The festival continues to promote films that nourish our minds and sprits, inspire hope and above all, make us smile. Events such as this lift community spirit by bringing people together and providing joy to young and old. This community spirit is also the reason the Heart of Gold International Short Film Festival flourishes with the support of volunteers, artists and businesses alike.

I would like to express my gratitude to all those involved in organising this year’s event for all your hard work, which ensures that the Heart of Gold International Short Film Festival continues to be a signification event on the regions cultural calendar each year.

I welcome visitors to our region and hope that whilst here to enjoy the festival, you get the opportunity to appreciate the enviable lifestyle that makes the Gympie region a great place to discover, play, taste and stay. A short drive will take you to the picturesque Mary Valley, or the unique coloured sands of Rainbow Beach and enjoy the magnificent waters of the Great Sandy Strait, whilst tempting tastebuds with locally grown produce.

May this year’s festival be as entertaining as ever, filled with outstanding films, support from all sectors and generally, a wonderful experience for all concerned.