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We are the largest short film festival in Queensland Australia. We currently screen 120 short films submitted from over 30 countries, however, we rely heavily on sponsorship, grants and 200 local volunteers to keep our good work going.

We invite you to contribute funds for our festival, in order to run workshops with influential creatives, run cinema campaigns and social media campaigns. This will make our festival richer for artists, patrons and students who attend as well as help grow our festival from 7200 people to over 10000 people so we can become a festival of significance. This would ultimately mean we will attract more sponsorship in the years to come, ensuring the economic future of the regional town of Gympie, and provide a platform for budding filmmakers into the future.

Please help us make our 2019 festival (3-6 Oct) a great success. Our team of volunteers will be extremely grateful for your help.