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Nestled within the golden hills of Gympie, housed in the grand auditorium of the Civic Centre, is the loveliest film festival in Australia. Running from 3-6 October 2019, Heart of Gold programs carefully-crafted short films from around the world that deeply resonate with the viewer. 

The four-day program includes industry masterclasses, a stunning opening night gala, awards night party and up to 30 sessions of shorts from all genres that best capture Heart of Gold’s vision to screen films that are heart-warming, thought-provoking and entertaining.  We hope to show films that shine a light on sidelined topics, peoples or regions of the world. At Heart of Gold, we believe to break through to the audience on an emotional level takes a special kind of storytelling magic. Our films can be edgy, they can be groundbreaking and they can be downright hilarious – as long as they beat with a good, strong heart.

Over eleven years, Heart of Gold has become renowned for its high quality international program, which is largely thanks to a very unique, two-part screening system. The films are first viewed by the festival’s artistic director and passed onto small screener groups, who gather in lounge-rooms across Gympie to review and score the countless, cherished submissions. This makes Heart of Gold films not only treasured by the community around them, but also sure to stand the test of time nationally and abroad.